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GPS Bicycle Tracking

Sherlock GPS Bike Tracker

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The Sherlock GPS Bike Tracker is inserted into the handlebar of a bicycle to hide the tracking devices from view.  The unit includes an embedded cellular SIM card with a 2-year service plan at purchase.  Owners receive notifications when the bike is tampered with on their mobile devices.  If the bike is stolen, the bike can be tracked online using the cellular SIM card connection.  The Sherlock GPS can last up to two weeks on a single charge.


Visit the Sherlock GPS Bike Tracker website to learn more.


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Velocate is a rear light unit with a built-in GPS tracker. This unit is inserted at the seat stay, below the saddle, or mounted to the rear of the pannier rack.  Velocate works by linking the tracker to an app on a mobile device and the motion sensors on the board will detect if your bike is being tampered with. The system relies on crowd-source GPS via WiFi to track bicycle position for recovery.


Visit the Velocate website to learn more.

The Tile Sport

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Tile offers low cost but powerful tracking for any personal device including bicycles.  Tile relies on crowd-source GPS technology via Bluetooth to help riders recover their bicyclists.  Each time a Tile tracker passes a mobile device with the Tile app, its position is logged to help with recovery.  Unlike other solutions that rely on crowd-source Wi-Fi solutions, Tile relies on an expansive user network via Bluetooth.


Visit the Tile website to learn more.

Boomerang CycloTrac

Boomerang CycloTrac is a device that attaches under a downtube bottle cage. This device has multiple sensors that sends a loud alarm when the bike is tampered with, following a notification to the owner’s mobile device. The owner is then able to track the movements of the bicycle on Google Maps. Boomerang CycloTrac also able to track calories burned, distance ridden, and elevation.


Visit Boomerange CycloTrac website to learn more.

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