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Bicycle & Pedestrian Counting

Counting of bicycles and pedestrians on roadways can be a costly endeavor for government agencies. Traditional traffic count data required someone sitting at an intersection manually counting turning movements of vehicles and bicycle pedestrian activity. Advances in traffic data collection over the past decade include video capturing and cloud-based processing but the cost of counting is still expensive due to labor costs to install and take down counter equipment.

Advances in Internet of Things (IoT) and low-cost sensors are changing how traffic count data is collected and substantially reducing the cost. Read more about specific bicycle & pedestrian counting equipment manufacturers below. If you have new equipment appropriate for inclusion on this page, please Contact us.

Smart City Signals Active Transportation Counter

Smart City Signals is introducing a new active transportation counter to
specifically address the high cost of traffic data collection. The active
transportation counter uses low-cost image sensors to process traffic count
data in the field in real-time. Traffic count data processed includes vehicle
turning movement counts, bicycle, and pedestrian data.


The active transportation counter can be deployed at intersections as a semi-permanent solution that can be left in place several months or permanently to track COVID traffic recovery trends. The solution includes a monthly subscription services that allows for unlimited 24/7 data collection and access. The active traffic counter can be moved from intersections, to mid-block applications, and to trails.

Learn more about Smart City Signals by visiting the Smart City Signals website


miovision logo.png

Miovision offers a wide range of traffic data collection services including the
ability to upload and process your own video to help gather traffic data. Miovision is the application of choice for many traffic data collection firms, taking advantage of Miovision’s robust cloud services. Learn more about


Miovision by visiting their website.


eco counter logo.png

Eco-Counter has more than 15 years of experience providing pedestrian and cyclist automated counting solutions. Eco-Counter’s temporary and permanent, urban and rural people counters count and classify pedestrians and cyclists using discreet, advanced, patented sensor technologies. Automated count data is a powerful tool to capture daily and seasonal usage trends, justify investments, communicate with stakeholders and much more. From bike counters deployed on New York City’s busiest bike lanes, to multi-use counters on Napa Valley’s rail trials, Eco-Counters are trusted across North America.

For more information continue onto the Eco-Counter website.

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