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Passive Pedestrian Detection

Passive Pedestrian Detection is the detection of pedestrians in a stationary or moving state at a curbside or in a pedestrian crossing. This is sometimes used to call the pedestrian phase and can extend the clearance interval. Passive Detection includes audible signals as well as visual signals.

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AutoButton by Migma

Migma AutoButton is a touchless and inexpensive push button. It can detect the presence of pedestrians walking into a curb cut, and automatically places the ped calls for them. This touchless innovation improves the pedestrian’s safety and increases traffic flow. Migma’s AutoButton also actuates ped signals on both sides of the crosswalk through wireless radio communication, which eliminates the need of pulling cables.


 For more information please visit Migma AutoButton.

Guardian APS by Campbell Company


The Guardian Wave Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) helps solve the growing question of how to let pedestrians push the button at a traffic signal without touching it.  In today’s pandemic environment this may be the right product at the right time.  The Guardian Wave APS lets pedestrians wave their hands in front of the push button in lieu of pushing it and it offers all the standard APS functionality expected in the traffic industry.


Learn more about the Guardian Wave, APS system and other Campbell Company products on their website.

Polara Touchless APS

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Polara is a long-time leader in the Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) market.  Their new Touchless APS with iDetect technology expands their pedestrian detection portfolio and offer PedApp to support pedestrian actuation via mobile apps.  The APS with iDetect is a full-functioning APS push button station that allows for touchless actuation detecting hand wave movement between 1-4 inches from the station.  This feature is provided using radar detection technology that is inconspicuous and vandal resistant.  The system is available in 2- or 3-wire applications to fit retrofit or new traffic signal installations. The PedApp support the visually-impaired community by offering push button actuation via Bluetooth connectivity and the app works with existing text-to-speech functionality.


Learn more about the Polara Touchless APS sollutions on their website.

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