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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, loT, is about extending the power of the internet beyond the cloud, desktop computers, and mobile devices.  Within transportation and bicycle / pedestrian applications, IoT is about gathering and sharing data to improve safety.  Traffic signals play an important role in the success of IoT but traffic signals are historically isolated solutions that government agencies do not want integrated with the Cloud for security purposes.


IoT applications within transportation can include solutions to share existing data or create portals to send/receive additional data.  Several applications exist to share real-time traffic signal data but with still few traffic signals connected to the cloud, it will be a long time until we see real time signal data on our mobile applications.  Once the Cloud connects to traffic signals, this will create a new world of Virtual Detection that will help to improve roadway efficiency and safety.


Below is information on early innovators in the development and application of IoT solutions.  If you have new equipment appropriate for inclusion on this page, please Contact us

Smart City Signals

The Smart City Signals – IoT Hub was developed specifically to help government agencies create a safe link between the Cloud and the traffic signal cabinet to gather, share, and introduce virtual detection capabilities without sacrificing the integrity of system security.The IoT Hub scans the real-time traffic signal status from the cabinet (Red, Yellow, Green, Walk, Don’t Walk, Detection, and Alarms) and transmits the data second-by-second to the Smart City Signals Cloud Platform.At the cloud, the data can be shared through the Smart City Signals – Application Program Interface (API) for use by web developers. The IoT Hub can be expanded to include relays that can send Virtual Detection requests for bicyclists, push button actuation for pedestrians, transit priority, and emergency vehicle / rail preemption.These would normally be fragmented solutions, each deployed with their own incremental costs.

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