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Bicycle Safety Lights

The best way for bicyclists to help themselves be safer on the road is to BE SEEN.  Whether riding in the day or evening, having properly safety lighting on your bike is a great way to make motorists around you aware of your presence on the road.


Below are some of our favorite bicycle safety light solutions that provide great bicycle visibility or offer non-electric lighting technology.  If you have a new product that may be appropriate for inclusion on this site, please Contact Us.

Reelight CIO Introduction Lights

reelight logo.png

Reelight CIO lights use power generated by magnets from wheels turning on the bikes to power lights.Each time magnets on the wheels cross a pulse of light is emitted to help make bicyclist position visible on the roadway.


Learn more about Reelight CIO Bike Lights by visiting their website.

Exposure Strada SL

Exposure_Lights-01 logo.png

Exposure Strada SL has a maximum output of 900 lumens, which is bright enough to ride in the dark. The Strada SL also has a road-specific beam pattern while not dazzling other road users. This device has seven different settings, including daytime-specific flashing mode, with a battery life falling anywhere between two hours and 36 hours


Learn more about Exposure Strada SL by visiting their website.

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