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Bicycle Detection Indicators

Limited solutions currently exist to provide bicyclists with an indication that their presence at a traffic signal has been detected. Some local agencies have deployed ad-hoc experimental solutions, but a national standard does not exist.


As new bicycle detection indicator products are introduced to the market, we will highlight them on The following are field deployed solutions that we’ve been tracking, and feel are worth sharing. In order for bicycle detection indicators to function though, a bicycle differentiating technology at the intersection (i.e., video detection or microwave) must be present. The traffic signal controllers must also be programmed to know that when bicycle presence is detected, that it must turn on the indicator.


If you have new equipment appropriate for inclusion on this page, please Contact Us.

Iteris SmartCycle Bike Indicator


Iteris introduced the SmartCycle Bike Indicator to fill in the gap in bicycle detection presence market. The indicator is wired into the field to the traffic signal cabinet and is activated by the special function outputs of the traffic signal controller. The SmartCycle Bike Indicator compliments any video or microwave detection product and is a low-cost solution if you have existing bicycle differentiation technology at the traffic signal.

Portland Bureau of Transportation "Intelligent" Indicator Light

Portland Bureau of Transportation “intelligent” Indicator Light is made to give cyclists the reassurance that they are detected by the sensors when reaching a traffic signal. Having the indicator light will decrease chances of cyclists violating the red light. When the user knows they have been detected by the sensor, there is a higher chance they will wait for the green light. The indicator light has an impressive accuracy rate when detecting pedestrian on a bicycle but when a pedestrian is not on a bicycle the indicator light will not be activated.


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