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 Ellipse by Lattis


Ellipse is a smart lock that provides keyless entry, theft detection, bike sharing, and crash alerts. Ellipse is unlocked by the user’s mobile device while also being able to send alerts if the user’s bike is disturbed. The lock has a 17mm thick steel shackle which enhances bike security. Built-in solar panels offer automatic recharging.


Visit Lattis website to learn more.

I LOCK IT Bike Lock

ilockit logo.png

I LOCK IT bike lock is an automatic lock that is controlled with a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. Settings allow for locking and unlocking based on owner proximity.  This bike lock also has a GPS tracking integrated in the lock, so the user is able to know where their bike is at all times. I LOCK IT has an alarm secured feature to help deters bike theft.


Visit I LOCK IT website to learn more.

Linka Smart Lock

Linka Smart Lock logo.png

Linka smart lock is another great automatic lock that is smartphone controlled via Bluetooth connection. Auto-unlocking offers great keyless access and convenience to the owner.  The mobile app records your last use position to help you quickly find your bike and this solution can be used for bike rental fleets.


Visit Linka website to learn more.

Noke U-Lock


Noke is modern twist on the traditional U-lock bike lock.  Noke includes a powerful alarm to deter theft and is well built to help withstand urban use.  Noke has a back-up feature that allows the user to jump-start the lock in order to open it in case the user loses lock power.


 Visit Noke website to learn more.

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