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Smart Bike Helmets

One of our favorite developing trends in bicycle safety at is Smart Bike Helmets that include integrated LED lighting and that can detect when a bicyclist has been involved in a crash.  In the event of a crash a connected app sends a text message to a designated emergency contact with a GPS positions to get quick help.


Below are some early Smart Bike Helmer manufactures.  If you have a new product that may be appropriate for inclusion in this site, please Contact Us.

Cosmo Connected

Cosmo Connected is a helmet that has a brake light and turn signal for bicycles while also detecting danger on the road. This device is able to fit any type of bike helmet or attaching to a bike saddle. Cosmo is able to connect your location on a mobile device while able to call for emergency when detecting a fall.


For more information please visit Cosmo Connected.

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ANGi Helmet Crash Sensor

ANGi Helmet Crash Sensor is a device that attaches to a cyclist’s helmet and detects if the cyclist has been in a crash. ANGi then starts a countdown, if the cyclist is okay, they can stop and keep riding. If the cyclist is not okay, it sends an alert to your emergency contact with your last known GPS coordinate.


 For more information please visit ANGi Helmet Crash Sensor.


lumos logo.png

Lumos is a helmet with proactive features designed to make the rider visible and minimize the chances of a collision. This helmet lets traffic around you know which direction the rider is turning by having signals in the back of the helmet. Not only does Lumos has signals, but it also has break lights when the rider is making a hard stop.


For more information visit Lumos.

Sena Smart Cycling Helmet


Sena Smart Cycling Helmet is a fully Bluetooth bicycle helmet with speakers and a microphone. Sena is able to connect to the user’s phone, GPS or make phone calls. This helmet’s high technology makes the users ride easy and safe. The helmet also allows the user to communicate with their fellow riders using group intercom. The helmet is also built to withstand an impact, providing impact using the mold polycarbonate shell.


For more information visit Sena.

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